New Year, New Blog

Sat, Feb 9, 2019 3-minute read

It’s already a year from the last time I do blog. I always set my resolution every year to do more blogging but it seems I always find excuse to not do that. I don’t know why I always lazy to do it.

Why blogging again then?

Let’s head back first why I want to blog. I always enjoy learning something new and always want to share it. I sometimes speaking to public and I feeling happy to share my knowledge to the people (even though I am nervous when speaking, even now). But public speaking is time consuming and you can’t do it everyday. You need to go find the audience, preparing the content, and also training every time so it doesn’t make you awkward when speaking. That is why I want to go to blogging. Blogging is nice. Is not time consuming, you can write it anytime, you don’t need to find audience, you just share to the social media and people can read it, you don’t need to face the people and deal with nervousness.

Technology behind this blog

Last year this website use wordpress and then I link it to my medium for blog post. Now I want to be different. I am trying another blogging platform. First, I try ghost and host it on azure, but then I found it too pricy for me if I want use custom domain and SSL, even though I am using free SSL from LetsEncrypt. I can’t spend about ~ IDR 800.000/month. That’s why I try to search another solution. When hugo is popular, I also try it. Turn out it really simple and that’s why this web using hugo. Additional value is they also support multilingual by default so I can drop my english blog at medium. I also try to deal with SSL and that’s when I think I want to make it simpler so I just using cloudflare to handle SSL and another things like caching. It pretty simple, you just register to cloudflare and just change your nameserver to point to cloudflare and cloudflare will handle the rest.

What will I blog?

I will write mostly about my experience doing some Xamarin things because I am a Xamarin developer. But a single topic is boring for me, and I also maybe don’t have much content about Xamarin anyway. So, I’ll also write about my experience as a human being and also another technology that I will exploring later. Hopefully I can consistent writing blog again and you can enjoy the content of my writing.Cheers.