Meaning of Family

Sun, Jan 29, 2023 2-minute read

The theme #klub-menulis this time surely really challenging and make me confused. The theme is meeting and interviewing new people. How could I not be confused, because I, who almost always at home every day, was suddenly asked to meet new people and talk with them. So maybe the content of this interview is not interview with new people but with my old friend. But the result of the conversation is quite interesting, so I want to share it with all the readers here.

For now, let’s call her Bunga. Bunga is one of the children who had to see her parents divorce when she at teenager.

Bunga said, there is something changed when her parents divorced. The financial stability that she had and also family stability suddenly disappeared. She told, when both her parents dissapeared, she goes with her mother and heard only one side story of his father’s mistakes from his mother. From there, she start get used to closing herself and closing her feelings when she was acquainted with the opposite sex or her peers. She also felt that she had lost her “home” that she had lived in even though she was not really close with her father.

But lately, Bunga has finally started to learn how to forgive and open up. When asked how she could begin to forgive her father and begin to open up? It turns out it also involves her family too. Starting from her sister who likes to contact her father until finally her father also contact Bunga. From there, Bunga began to get to know her father more and began to understand why the divorce happened and how is the story from her father’s side. Bunga begins to to learn to forgive her father’s mistakes and finally makes peace with her past. Now even though they don’t live in the same house, they usually still make time to get together every year.

That’s a piece of the story I can get from Bunga. Even though divorce is sometimes something that can’t be avoided, it will still leave scars. No matter how small the scars, it will still be a scars that can shape the character of others.