Forcing New Habit

Sun, Jan 22, 2023 2-minute read

It doesn’t feel like that long I haven’t written again. Last time I wrote in this blog even though the title was cool “New Year, New Blog”. But even 4 years later, that’s the only content in this blog.Yep, I lied to myself when I want to write blog again 😆

So now I want to force this old habit again, which is writing blog. Actually to start a new habit is not really hard. If we reading from the books or articles, we usually be told to start with a small target so we won’t be burdened and do it continously. That’s the keyword, continously. This is what I and maybe you also have trouble to do it.

Same with you, every new year I have new year resolution like live healthier, investment, and etc. From last year I am focusing in one thing that most important to me which is live healthier. Because my job requires me to sitting in front of computer in a long time, I can’t help but rarely exercise. And usually after finishing work I feel tired and only lying in bed (and scroll ig reels and tiktok 😅😅😅). Finally starting from last year, I started looking for ways to force myself to exercise. And because myself usually more afraid with punishment than interested in reward, I decided to pay to go to the gym and personal trainer. With the cost spent every month which is quite expensive (for me), going to the gym is one of the things I must do every week if I don’t want to just waste my money. The result is now my fat mass is reduced and I feel fitter.

Same with going to the gym, now I’m forcing myself to write again. In my current office, I join with writing club and join with program Aksaramu: Aksi Menulis Rutin Setiap minggu. Although there is no punishment in here, but because I have already filled out the form, I will feel embarassed if I don’t write every week. Hopefully with this, I can continue to write again 😆